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by Jan Walker, Canadian Marquetry Artist and Teacher

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Triple Creek 11" X 14" - 2012 commissioned work - sold



New to marquetry or veneering? Don't wade through dozens of websites to get started.

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About Jan's DVD

Jan Walker's Introduction to Marquetry

100 minutes of high quality, professional video, produced in Canada by

SKB Videography of Calgary, Alberta


Even if you've never touched a piece of wood veneer before, this DVD for beginners will give you the skills to tackle any marquetry design. No power tools are required. With a simple Xacto knife you can create a beautiful marquetry, either in the workshop or at the kitchen table.


Thousands have learned marquetry through my DVD and seminars. Here's a sample of some of the 48 chapters on my dvd:

Selecting and handling veneers

Keeping veneered pieces from warping

Tools and supplies

Veneer tape


The great glue debate

Knife cutting technique and the most common error

Contact adhesives

Crosscuts in veneer

The sound test

Cutting slivers

Correcting a poor glue bond

How to keep your knife blades from sticking in the veneer

Veneer saws

Registration marks on patterns

Sanding on the bench hook




Artistic concepts to make your pictures better

For a preview of what you'll see on the DVD,

watch this free bonus chapter on vacuum pressing veneer using the inexpensive Roarockit system.

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